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Aluminum Siding Contractor

When properly maintained, aluminum siding can last up to half a century. A lifespan like that can save you a pretty penny down the road if you find a suitable aluminum siding company to keep it in prime condition.

Aluminum Siding Installation

Aluminum siding makes an excellent choice for homes and businesses for many reasons, but only with a professional and exacting installation process. Apply Contracting Ltd’s aluminum siding installers’ excellent skills will stretch your dollar and leave you with a finished result that will be the envy of all passers-by and neighbors.

Aluminum Siding Repair

It’s time to scratch ‘take care of the dents in the siding’ off your to-do list. Every local resident knows that siding repair is best left to the experts, namely the team at Apply Contracting Ltd. We can be in and out quickly with all the equipment and know-how necessary to fix any aluminum siding issues professionally.


Carpentry is a catch-all term, and you might be surprised to learn how adaptable our carpentry services can be. At Apply Contracting Ltd, we perform small-scale services for remodeling projects and new constructions, adding expertly crafted details that stand out and add significant value.

Deck Construction

Decks have never been more on trend as people look to expand their square footage at home with outdoor space. Apply Contracting Ltd is the most popular deck construction company, known for our design creativity in maximizing space and efficiency in construction.

Door Installation Services

Exterior entry door installations are usually more complex due to weatherproofing requirements, insulation properties, and security features. Custom specialty door installation projects take a little longer, especially when a new framing system is required. During your initial consultation, we'll let you know how long your installation will take when we provide you with pricing details.

Door Services

Your door is the gateway to your residence or business. It welcomes you home or makes the first impression on your customers and clients. You need a door that not only looks the part but acts the part as well, matching your building’s aesthetic and functioning perfectly in any circumstance.

Downspout Installation

Your downspout is an essential part of your gutter system, keeping rainwater and other moisture from flowing toward your building’s foundation and structure. At Apply Contracting Ltd, we specialize in local downspout installation services and have grown to be the industry local leaders.

Epdm Roofing

Apply Contracting Ltd is the leading EPDM roofing company serving the surrounding area. We provide prompt service, efficient solutions, and top-quality work made to last. Our EPDM roofs offer unparalleled strength, exceptional resilience, and a high return on investment.

Flat Roofing

Apply Contracting Ltd builds, repairs, and maintains flat roofs in the surrounding area. Since opening our doors, we’ve developed a winning reputation for our quality handiwork, expert service solutions, and fair pricing.


The success of any new construction depends on a quality framing job. The best framing contractors are found at Apply Contracting Ltd. Equally capable of wood and metal framing, our contractors are in high demand for their expertise and the quality of their craftsmanship.

General Contractor

Our established relationships with reliable subcontractors and suppliers lead to significant cost savings and access to skilled professionals. You can also trust our contractors to handle all your permitting and inspection processes and maintain compliance with local regulations.

Gutter Company

Gutters are a vital part of the roof system’s ability to keep a home safe and dry. The experts at Apply Contracting Ltd specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining this integral part of your building’s water drainage system.

Gutter Guard Installation

If you suffer the annoyance of your gutter constantly filling with leaves and debris, there’s a solution. Rather than cutting down your mature trees, have a gutter guard professionally installed to protect your gutter channels from clogging. You’ll never regret installing gutter guards once you’ve saved yourself time, money, and energy on constant gutter clean-outs.

Gutter Installation

Apply Contracting Ltd is the premier gutter installation company serving the surrounding areas. We offer fast service times, grade-A results, and top-quality customer care. With a gutter system from us, you’ll be able to enjoy your property to the fullest.

Gutter Replacement

If you’re a property owner, you should never ignore a broken gutter. Calling in a gutter replacement company is the best way to avoid massive inconvenience and spending when your gutter system completely breaks down and water flows down the sides of your building. The sooner gutters are professionally replaced, the sooner your property will once again be safe from water damage.

Gutter Services

Gutters aren’t merely visual additions to your building—they perform an important and essential function. Your gutter system helps direct rain off the roof and away from your building’s exterior, protecting it from water damage.

Hail And Storm Damage Roof Repair

Apply Contracting Ltd is the leading roofer for hail and storm damage repairs. We provide a complete range of services to restore your roof to excellent working condition. Whether your roof’s been struck by hail or torn open by heavy winds, we have you covered.

Home Additions

If your beloved home has begun to feel like close quarters and a “For Sale” sign has become intriguing, consider calling the home addition experts at Apply Contracting Ltd before contacting a real estate agent. If your space no longer fits you or your family, but the idea of a move fills you with dread, we may have the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Apply Contracting Ltd is the top choice for modified bitumen roofing services. We provide a complete range of services for the installation, maintenance, and repair of bitumen roofs of all sizes and sorts.

Roof Inspections

Apply Contracting Ltd provides professional roof inspection services in the surrounding area. We use a meticulous inspection process designed to give you a complete breakdown of your roof’s condition.

Roof Maintenance

Apply Contracting Ltd is the leading roof maintenance company. Since opening our doors, we’ve established a strong reputation for our innovative solutions that save our clients’ time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

Roof Repair

Apply Contracting Ltd is the top choice for roof repair. We provide fast and comprehensive solutions based on our years of industry experience. Whether your roof has a leak or has experienced heavy storm damage, we have services you can depend on.

Roof Restoration

Apply Contracting Ltd is the leading roof restoration company serving the surrounding areas. With years of experience, we’ve developed a strong reputation for our timely service, stellar customer care, and top-quality craftsmanship. We provide expert solutions to restore your roof to perfect condition—all while saving you time and money on future repairs.


If you’re looking for a roofer in the surrounding area, look no further than Apply Contracting Ltd. With years of experience, we’ve developed a strong reputation as the area’s top professional roofing company. We offer a complete range of services for all your roof-related needs.

Roofing Contractor

Whether your new build requires roof construction or you need an inspection, repairs, or a roof replacement, we’re equipped to handle it all. Call (519) 744-6888 today to learn more about how we work efficiently to keep your project on schedule and within your budget.

Roofing Services

Apply Contracting Ltd is the top choice for roofing services. We are a licensed roofer combining years of experience with a commitment to customer satisfaction. We develop innovative solutions designed to meet our client’s needs while saving them time and money.

Shingle Roofing

Apply Contracting Ltd is the premier shingle roofing company serving the surrounding area. We fill the local demand for a qualified roofer with years of experience and an impeccable record of success. We provide timely service, top-quality workmanship, and top-tier customer care, consistently going above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.

Siding Contractor

When it comes to the siding covering your building’s exterior, it’s important to understand the value of this protective layer being professionally installed and maintained. You can rely on the siding professionals at Apply Contracting Ltd to provide your home with security from the elements and delay costly replacements whenever possible.

Siding Services

Taking good care of your siding is one of the best ways you can ensure the longevity of your building and stave off repairs. Siding is a defense against moisture and temperature extremes and is essential to your building’s insulation.

Vinyl Siding Contractor

Apply Contracting Ltd is your best resource to get the most out of your vinyl siding. Our team of professional vinyl siding contractors is the best because we work harder and smarter for our clientele every day. We’re certified and licensed experts with the credentials and experience to master every siding project with ease.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Apply Contracting Ltd is your ticket to perfectly functioning vinyl siding. As vinyl siding experts, we perform installations guaranteed to last their expected lifespan, protecting buildings from rain infiltration and lowering their energy usage. Our vinyl siding adds beauty and function to your building, increasing its value and enhancing its structural integrity.

Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl siding provides many benefits for your building—its famous affordability, variety, and durability make it an extremely popular choice. However, all siding, regardless of its quality, will eventually need repairs. As it bears the brunt of inclement weather and external damage, siding gradually loses its strength and requires a little TLC.

Window Installation

Getting a certified, licensed, and insured window company to install your new windows is always the best way of guaranteeing their security and longevity. With our professional, expert technique, and passion for perfection, Apply Contracting Ltd is a prime example of the window contractor clients should consider for their window installations.

Wood Siding Contractor

Installing wood siding is an intricate and complex process that requires the practiced capability of a professional siding contractor. Over the years that Apply Contracting Ltd has been serving the area, we’ve perfected the art of successful wood siding installations, repairs, and more.

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